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Johnny Heartsman
Johnny (*1936) was born Johnnie Eastman jr. in Houston, Texas, and moved at an early age to San Fernando, California. In his teenage years, Heartsman started working as a session musician, in the studio with a local record producer, Bob Geddins. One of his earliest involvements was playing the bass guitar for the 1953 recording of "Tin Pan Alley". His own efforts yielded the instrumental track "Johnny's House Party (Parts 1 & 2)", released by the Music City label.
Johnny continued working as a session musician into the early 1960s. He played on Tiny Powell's "My Time After Awhile" and Al King's cover version of "Reconsider Baby". Heartman's guitar-playing technique involved imaginative use of the guitar's volume control, producing "an eerie moan". His later work included playing in show bands, performing in cocktail lounges, and playing as the touring organist for Joe Simon. He spent 1970–1973 in Midland, Texas, as the leader of the house band at the Chateau Club. It was here that he hired the young blues guitarist and singer-songwriter Jay Boy Adams. Adams credits Heartsman as one of his musical mentors. By the late 1980s, Heartsman had reverted to playing the blues. His debut album, Sacramento, was released in 1987. He had previously appeared at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1985.
Over the years, Heartsman wrote songs for Jesse James ("Are You Gonna Leave Me"), Roy Buchanan ("Goose Grease"), John Hammond jr. (Got to Find My Baby"), Amos Garrett ("Move On Down the Line"), and several more for Joe Simon. He continued his music career until he died in December 1996.
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Crosscut Records CCR 1018
recorded January 1988 in Bremen/Germany
Johnny Heartsman, guitar, bass, organ, vocals
Gary Wiggins, tenor sax
Rex Cline, drums
The Touch
Alligator Records ALCD 4800
recorded 1991 in Sacramento, CA/USA
Johnny Heartsman, keyboards, guitar, flute, vocals
Rich Forman, guitar
Artis Joyce, guitar
Eric Tyrell, guitar
Joe Espinosa, alto sax, tenor sax
Ray Fields, baritone sax
Scott Lindefeldt, trombone
Tony Dey, drums
Big John Evans, drums
J'Neen, horn, vocals
Made In Germany
in-akustik INAK 9025
recorded 30 June 1993 live at "Vitischanze" in Osnabrück/Germany
Johnny Heartsman, organ, guitar, flute, vocals
Fritze Winnacker, bass
Martin Schmachtenberg, drums
Todor Todorovic, guitar
Mike Titre, harp guitar
Still Shinin'
Have Mercy Records 9
Johnny Heartsman, flute, guitar, keyboards, organ, vocals
Steve Gundhi, sax
Mike Titre, guitar
Todor Todorovic, guitar
Artis Joyce, bass
Frizze Winnacker, bass
John Evans, drums
Bobby Hamilton, drums
Martin Schmachtenberg, drums

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