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Jamie Hilboldt
Jamie grew up in upstate New York. He spent many years on the road as a musician finally calling Austin Texas home. He is a keyboard player and vocalist working in Austin and on the road with various shows. Jamie worked together with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Archie Bell and the Drells, The Funk Brothers, WC Clark, Legends in Concert, Lenny Williams, The Marvelettes, and The Platters. He also contributed to musicals such as Bee Hive, Love Janis (Janis Joplin story), and A Night With Janis Joplin.
homepage: www.jamiehilboldt.com
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Audio Taco
Jamb Kitchen Music JKR00002
recorded in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX/USA
Russell Remington, sax, flute
Craig Shields, sax
Mike Mordecai, trombone
Bob Meyer, trumpet
Pat Murray, trumpet
Clifton Saulsberry, Elmo guitar
Jamie Hilboldt, Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Harrison, drums
Manny Yanes, bass
Dave Pomeroy, bass
Scott Bannevich, bass
Dave Jaques, bass
Mel Watts, drums
Tom Roady, percussion
Danny Sherrill, percussion
Arturo Garza, percussion
Isaac Peña, percussion
Elizabeth Lee, vocals
Isaac Peña, vocals
Manny Yanes, vocals

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