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Bradford Hoopes
Bradford is a keyboardist, he founded together with drummer Kelly White the group The Yards.
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Wilson Chance: The Sound Of Danger
Hammond Beat HBR 002a
recorded 2003
Paolo Negri, Hammond organ, synthsizer, piano
Bradford Hoopes, Hammond organ, vibes
Mario Janser, Hammond organ
Mike Painter, Hammond organ
Chris Leopold, trumpet
Giulio "Link" Cardini, guitar
Vic Flick, guitar
Gerry Germann, guitar
Renzo Bassi, bass
Rolf Keller, bass
Brad Maestas, bass
Tony "Face" Bacciocchi, drums, percussion
Stefan Saurer, drums
Kelly White, drums
Kitty Devonshire, vocals
Linda Jackson, vocals
Hammondbeat HBR 005
recorded February 2004 through October 2005 in Kansas/USA
Bradford Hoopes, keyboards, percussion
Brad Maestas, bass
Michael Hamm, guitar
Kelly White, drums, percussion
Danny Rojas, drums
Tom Johnson, trombone
Rich Wheeler, tenor sax
Chris Leopold, trumpet
Colin Mahoney, percussion

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