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Duke Jethro
Duke's real name is Jethro Pollard (* 1936 in Meridian, MS). He had college degrees in music and electrical engineering. He was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, a pilot. When B.B. King discovered him playing in a club in Los Angeles, Duke was working as a musician at night, and engineer by day. He was King's organ player from 1963 to 1968. He played up to 300 shows a year, recorded half a dozen albums.
After 5 years, Duke found the road too much. After leaving King's band, he formed his own but gave up music in 1970 and moved to the Bay Area. He worked at Philco, Lockheed, IBM and others as an electrical engineer.
Around 1991, he met John DeFrancesco and became interested in playing again. The two played some gigs together and Duke continued to play through 2005. But in 2015, John DeFrancesco, who is a great blues guitar player and singer in his own right, was in Oakland, CA, for a Hammond organ event and he ran into Duke. He convinced Duke that they should record a tribute album to honor B.B.
from abc30.com and album notes


Another Generation Of The Blues
Silvertone Records 74321 13949 2
released 1993
recorded in Belmont, CA/USA
Zakiya Hooker, vocals
Bill Ortiz, horn
Marty Wehner, horn
Lloyd Gregory, guitar
Duke Jethro, organ
Ollan Christopher, bass
Kevin Williams, drums
Randie McBride, percussion
John Lee Hooker, vocals
Tribute to B. B. King's Live At The Regal
no label
recorded live at the Regal in Chicago, IL/USA
Johnny DeFrancesco, guitar, vocals
Duke Jethro, Hammond B3 organ

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