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Greg Kogan
Greg (* 1947) worked in the 70's in the New York jazz scene, among others with Howard McGhee, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton, Woody Herman, Sonny Fortune, Elvin Jones, David 'Fathead' Newman, and in the Joe Morello Quartet. The 1990's saw him in jazz clubs in New York City. He was involved in some recordings, among others with Michael Moss and The Four Rivers, Joe Carroll, Bill Kirchner Nonet, and Mac Gollehon.
Greg died in 2019.
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Mac Straight Ahead
American Showplace Music ASH 2232
recorded in New York City/USA
Mac Gollehon, trumpet, trombone
Ron Cuber, baritone sax
Sam Burtis, bass trombone
Greg Kogan, organ
Jun Saito, drums
Victor Lewis, drums
Warren Smith, drums

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