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David Paich
David (* 1954 in Los Angeles, CA), the son of Marty Paich, is a keyboardist, songwriter, singer, and record producer, best known as the co-founder of the rock band Toto. David remained with Toto from the beginning of the band in 1982 until 2004, then performed on only a few shows until their disbandment in 2008. In 2010, Paich resumed performing with Toto, and until mid-2018 was one of the band's keyboard players, alongside fellow original member Steve Porcaro.
As songwriter he wrote or co-wrote songs for Cher, The Jacksons, Andy Williams, George Benson, Glen Campbell, Boz Scaggs, Jon Anderson (Yes), Cherie & Marie Currie, and Chicago. As arranger he worked for Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Patti Austin, Donna Summer, the Doobie Brothers and many more. In 1981, David produced the No. 1 R&B hit "Break It to Me Gently" by Aretha Franklin. In October 2009, David was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame along with the other members of Toto.
David was the Co-Music Director for President Bill Clinton's Foundation Concert in 2011. That year David also performed on the all-star benefit album entitled Jazz For Japan. For his extraordinary contributions to the world of music, David was honored with the 2013 South-South Award for Lifetime Cultural Achievement.
As a session musician, David has played on numerous soundtracks and on albums by many artists, including Elkie Brooks, Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Boz Scaggs, Quincy Jones, Melanie Safka, Don Henley, Diana Ross, the Doobie Brothers, Neil Diamond, Seals and Crofts, Steely Dan, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Cher, Randy Newman, the Brothers Johnson and Pink.
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Planet P-1
released 1978

Anita Pointer, vocals, tambourine
June Pointer, vocals
Ruth Pointer, vocals
Bryan Cumming, sax
Randy Bachman, guitar
Davey Johnstone, guitar
Danny Kortchmar, guitar
Fred Tackett, guitar
Richard Wachtel, guitar
Waddy Wachtel, guitar
James Newton Howard, clavinet, keyboards, synthesizer
David Paich, organ, piano, keyboards
Jimmy Phillips, organ, piano, synthesizer
Steve Porcaro, organ, piano, keyboards, synthesizer
Jai Winding, piano, keyboards
David Hungate, bass
Gerald Johnson, bass
Mike Porcaro, bass
Eddie Watkins jr., bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Michael Baird, drums
Rick Jaeger, drums
Jeff Porcaro, drums
Lenny Castro, percussion, tambourine
Richard Perry, percussion
Arista AL 9538
released 1980

Aretha Franklin, vocals, piano, keyboards
David Sanborn, alto sax
Dave Tofani, alto sax
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Seldon Powell, tenor sax
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Lew Delgatto, baritone sax
Barry Rogers, trombone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Lew Soloff, trumpet
John Trevor Clark, French horn
Peter Gordon, French horn
David Williams, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Cornell Dupree, guitar
Michael McGloiry, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
David Foster, piano, synthesizer
David Paich, organ, piano
Michael Lang, keyboards
Richard Tee, keyboards
Tony Coleman, keyboards
Bob Christiansen, synthesizer
Steve Porcaro, synthesizer
string section
Mike Porcaro, bass
James Jamerson sr., bass
Scott Edwards, bass
Tony Coleman, bass
Louis Johnson, bass
Jeff Porcaro, drums
Bernard Purdie, drums
Ed Green, drums
Tony Coleman, drums
George Devens, percussion
RCA AFL1-4677
released 1983
recorded in Hollywood, CA; Van Nuys, CA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY/USA

Diana Ross, vocals
Jim Horn, alto sax, flute
Jerry Hey, trumpet, flugelhorn
Larry Carlton, guitar
Eric Gale, guitar
Randy Hall, guitar
Jimmy Haslip, guitar
Jeff Mironov, guitar
Bob Kulick, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Domenic Troiano , guitar
Joe Walsh, guitar
Julian Marshall, Hammond B-3 organ
David Paich, organ, synthesizer
Ray Chew, piano
Ray Parker jr., piano, synthesizer, bass, drums
Rob Mounsey, Fender Rhodes
Donald Fagen, synthesizer
Michael McDonald, keyboards
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Gene Page, strings
Neil Jason, bass
Yogi Horton, drums
Jeff Porcaro, drums
Jack Ashford, tambourine
Ollie E. Brown, percussion
Tribute To Jeff
Zebra Records ZD 44005-2
recorded April through August 1996 in various studios in USA
David Garfield, keyboards, synthesizer, organ, piano
Brandon Fields, soprano sax, alto sax
Michael Paulo, alto sax
Tom Scott, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
Larry Klimas, tenor sax
Bob Sheppard, tenor sax
Steve Porcaro, horn, synthesizer
Walt Fowler, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jerry Hey, flugelhorn, trumpet
Denny Dias, guitar
Larry Carlton, guitar
David Williams, guitar
Paul Barrére, slide guitar
Jay Graydon, guitar
Fred Tackett, guitar
Paul Jackson jr, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Eddie Van Halen, guitar
David T. Walker, guitar
Michael Landau, guitar, vocals
Mike Finnigan, organ
Benmont Tench, organ
Greg Mathieson, Hammond organ
David Paich, organ, piano
David Benoit, piano
Joe Sample, piano
Greg Phillinganes, piano
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
James Newton Howard, clavinet
Emil Richards, vibes
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Nathan East, bass
Jimmy Johnson, bass
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr, bass
John Pena, bass
Boz Scaggs, bass
Mike Porcaro, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
"Ready" Freddie Washington, bass
Will Lee, bass, vocals
Peter Erskine, drums
Gregg Bissonette, drums
John Ferraro, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Richie Hayward, drums
Ralph Humphrey, drums
Tris Imboden, drums
Steve Jordan, drums
Chris Porcaro, drums
Joe Porcaro, drums
Abe Laboriel jr, drums
Miles Porcaro, drums
Nico Porcaro, drums
Carlos Vega, drums
Dave Weckl, drums
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums
John Guerin, drums, tom-tom
Jim Keltner, drums, tambourine
Simon Phillips, drums, gong
Michito Sánchez , drums, percussion
Lenny Castro, chekere, congas, drums, percussion, tambourine
Vinnie Colaiuta, cymbals, drums
Luis Conte Bata, congas, percussion, tambourine
Chase Porcaro Duddy, tom-tom
Luis Enrique, congas, cowbell
Chris Trujillo, congas
Michael McDonald, vocals
Jeff Porcaro, voices
Jason Scheff, vocals
L.A. Keyboard Project
Creatchy Records CR-005
David Garfield, piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer
Steve Lukather, guitar
Michael O'Neill, guitar, vocals
David Paich, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, bass
Russell Ferrante, piano, synthesizer
Steve Porcaro, piano, synthesizer
David Witham, piano, synthesizer
Terry Trotter, piano
Chuck Domanico, bass
Jimmy Johnson, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Will Lee, bass
Freddy Washington, bass
Jim Keltner, drums, percussion
William Kennedy, drums
Gerry Brown, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Carlos Vega, drums
Alex Acuña, percussion
Luis Conte, percussion
Michito Sánchez, percussion
Phil Perry, vocals
Giving Back
Creatchy Records CR-016
recorded in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY/USA
David Garfield, piano, keyboards
Eric Marienthal, soprano sax
Gerald Albright, alto sax, tenor sax
Brandon Fields, tenor sax
Larry Klimas, tenor sax
Michael Brecker, tenor sax, trumpet
Walt Fowler, trumpet, flugelhorn
Lee Ritenour, guitar
Ricardo Silveira, guitar
David Williams, guitar
Michael O'Neill, guitar
Mike Miller, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Steve Farris, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Tim Pierce, guitar
June Kuramoto, koto
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Steve Porcaro, keyboards
David Paich, organ
Freddie Washington, bass
Jimmy Earl, bass
Jimmy Johnson, bass
John Peña, bass
Will Lee, bass, vocals
Gregg Bissonette, drums
Ricky Lawson, drums
Simon Phillips, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Airto Moreira, percussion
Lenny Castro, percussion
Richard Tokatz, percussion
Alex Ligertwood, vocals
Bill Champlin, vocals
Jason Scheff, vocals
Like A Fire
Shout! Factory 826663-10846
recorded January 2008 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Solomon Burke, vocals
Jesse Harris, guitar
Keb' Mo', guitar
Danny Kortchmar, guitar
Dean Parks, banjo, guitar
Steve Jordan, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals
Rudy Copeland, organ
David Paich, organ, Wurlitzer
Larry Goldings, piano
Michael Lang, piano, celeste
Armen Ksadjikian, cello
Andrew Shulman, cello
Cecilia Tsan, cello
John Walz, cello
Larry Taylor, bass
Nathan East
Yamaha Entertainment Group Of America 086792327938
recorded in London/Great Britain; Encino, CA; Nashville, TN; Hollywood, CA; Studio City, CA; Franklin, TN/USA
Nathan East, bass, vocals
Joel Peskin, tenor sax, baritone sax
Tom Scott, sax
Eric Clapton, guitar
Barry Green, trombone
Prentiss Hobbs, trombone
Andrew Martin, trombone
Chuck Findley, trumpet
Jennifer Kummer, French horn
Patrick Walle, French horn
Chris Gero, guitar, keyboards
Chuck Loeb, guitar
Ray Parker jr., guitar
Andrew Synowiec, guitar
Michael Thompson, guitar
Jeff Babko, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, synthesizer, piano
David Paich, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, Wurlitzer
Tim Carmon, Hammond B-3 organ, Fender Rhodes
Bob James, piano
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Stevie Wonder, harmonica
string section
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Ricky Lawson, drums
Sam Bacco, percussion
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Rafael Padilla, percussion
Sara Bareilles, vocals
Carmen Cuesta, vocals
Michael McDonald, vocals
Mr. Talkbox, vocals
Jammin' Outside the Box
Creatchy Records CR-024

David Garfield, piano, synthesizer, Wurlitzer
Brandon Fields, alto sax, baritone sax
David Sanborn, alto sax
John Klemmer, tenor sax
Larry Klimas, tenor sax
Eric Marienthal, tenor sax
Kirk Whalum, tenor sax
Larry Williams, tenor sax, synthesizer
Stephen "Doc" Kupka, baritone sax
Pete Christlieb, sax
Tom Scott, sax
Carlos Sosa, sax
Jim Stevens, sax
Nick Lane, trombone, bass trombone
Francisco Torres, trombone
Raúl Vallejo, trombone
Chuck Findley, trumpet
Paul Armstrong, trumpet
Wayne Bergeron, trumpet
Dan Fornero, trumpet
Walt Fowler, trumpet, flugelhorn
Gary Grant, trumpet
Rick Braun, flugelhorn
Greg Phillinganes, clarinet
Mike Campbell, guitar
Andy Bassford, guitar
George Benson, guitar
J.J. Blair, guitar
Cory Wong, guitar
Oz Noy, guitar
Ray Parker jr., guitar
Dean Parks, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Randy Jacobs, guitar
Tony Pulizzi, guitar
James Harrah, guitar
Diego Figueiredo, guitar
Tony Maiden, guitar
Michael Landau, guitar
Steve Sykes, guitar
David Delhomme, organ
Mike Finnigan, organ, vocals
David Paich, organ
Ricky Peterson, organ
John Clayton, string conductor
Jimmy de Martini, violin
Tim Welvaars, harmonica
Jimmy Earl, bass
Jimmy Johnson, bass
Will Lee, bass
Marcus Miller, bass
Rickey Minor, bass
John Pena, bass
Freddie Washington, bass
Carlitos Del Puerto, bass
Jimmy Branly, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Steve Jordan, drums
Ziggy Modeliste, drums
Gary Novak, drums
John Robinson, drums
Walfredo Reyes, drums, percussion, vocals
Lenny Castro, percussion
Kevin Richard, percussion
Chris Trujillo, percussion
Walfredo de los Reyes, guiro, timbales
Richie Gajate Garcia, cajon, percussion
Joey de Leon, congas
Richard Calhoun, vocals
Carmen Carter, vocals
Daniel de los Reyes, vocals
Lilliana De Los Reys, vocals
Kamar De Los Reyes, vocals
Lamont Dozier, vocals
Bruce Hamada, vocals
Kenya Hathaway, vocals
Shawn Atkins, vocals
Amy Keys, vocals
Oleta Adams, vocals
Amanda Maiden, voices
Michael McDonald, vocals
San Miguel Perez, vocals
Phil Perry, vocals
Smokey Robinson, vocals
Joseph Williams, vocals
If It Ain't Love
Prairie Star Records
recorded in Calabasas, CA; New York, NY; Hollywood, CA; Long Branch, NJ; Nashville, TN/USA
Patrice Jégou, vocals
Sam Levine, alto sax
Tom Scott, tenor sax
Doug Moffet, tenor sax, baritone sax
Lee Callet, sax
Jeff Clayton, sax
Keith Fiddmont, sax
Charles Owens, sax
Rickey Woodard, sax
Roy Agee, trombone
Steve Baxter, trombone
George Bohanon, trombone
Bill Booth, trombone
Ira Nepus, trombone
Maurice Spears, trombone
Charlie Morillas, trombone
Craig Gosnell, bass trombone
Mike Barry, trumpet
James Ford, trumpet
Clay Jenkins, trumpet
Sal Cracchiolo, trumpet
Steve Patrick, trumpet
Bijon Watson, trumpet
Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet
Jim Atkinson, French horn
Sarah Bach, French horn
Steven Becknell, French horn
Allen Fogle, French horn
Dylan Hart,French horn
Joe Stone, oboe
Heather Clark, flute
Steve Kujala, flute
Geri Rotella, flute
Dan Higgins, clarinet
Greg Huckins, clarinet
Graham Dechter, guitar
Larry Koonse, guitar
Dean Parks, guitar
Michael Thompson, guitar
Ramón Stagnaro, guitar
David Paich, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Yaron Gershovsky, piano
Tamir Hendelman, piano
Michael Lang, piano, Fender Rhodes
David Lang, Wurlitzer
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Greg Bartheld, harp
Gayle Levant, harp
string section
Kevin Axt, bass
Christoph Luty, bass
Tim Eckert, bass
Don Ferrone, bass
Boris Kozlov, bass
Dave Young, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Cliff Almond, drums
Ray Brinker, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Jeff Hamilton, drums
John "J.R." Robinson, drums
Lenny Castro, percussion
Luis Conte, percussion
Mark Kibble, percussion, vocals
Alvin Chea, vocals

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