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John Popovich
John is a gifted musician who has spent years playing piano with some of the greatest and well-known musicians in Columbus, Ohio. He plays many styles of jazz and blues and is best known for his soulful ability to reach the hearts of all listeners. Along with his own jazz quartet, John has played with The Sean Carney Band, Teeny Tucker and Drivin Wheel and Johnny Mack & The Heavyweights. He has toured the country from The Monterey Blues Festival in California, to Buddy Guy's in Chicago, as well as stints in New York, Memphis and Austin.
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Turning Point
no label

John Popovich, organ, piano
Gene Walker, tenor sax
Sean Carney, guitar
David Sibley, bass
Kelly Delaveris, vocals
Raise Your Hands
no label
recorded in Cadiz, OH/USA
Deb Landolt, vocals
Rich Lataille, alto sax
Mark Earley, baritone sax
Doug Woolverton, trumpet
Sean Carney, guitar
Dave Clo, guitar
David Fowler, guitar
Colin John, guitar
Matt O'Ree, guitar
Brent Pennell, guitar
J P Soars, guitar
Jimmy Thackery, guitar
Bart Walker, guitar
John Popovich, organ, piano
Victor Wainwright, organ
Reese Wynans, organ
Melvin Powe, bass
Chuck Riley, bass
Chris Peet, drums
Jan Roll, drums
Lynn Williams, percussion
Shaun Booker, vocals
Philip Pemberton, vocals
Nikki Scott, vocals

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