picture of Mac Rebennack
Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack
Mac's (born 1941) musical career began in the 1950s when he wrote and played guitar on some of the greatest records to come out of the Crescent City, including recordings by Professor Longhair, Art Neville, Joe Tex, Frankie Ford and Allen Toussaint.
Mac headed west in the 1960s, where he continued to be in demand as a session musician, playing keyboards on records by Sonny and Cher, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin and The Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main St.". During that time he launched his solo career, developing the charismatic persona of Dr. John The Nite Tripper. A legend was born with his breakthrough 1968 album "Gris-Gris", which introduced to the world his unique blend of voodoo mysticism, funk, rhythm & blues, psychedelic rock and Creole roots. Several of his many career highlights include the masterful album "Sun, Moon and Herbs" in 1971 which included cameos from Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger and 1973’s "In The Right Place".
In addition to his six Grammy wins (1989, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2013), he has received six other Grammy nominations over the years. In 2007 he was nominated for "Sippiana Hericane", his Hurricane Katrina benefit disc. In 2007 he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and Blues Hall of Fame. In 2008 he released "City That Care Forgot", winning him a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album. His album "Locked Down", released in 2012 with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album. In 2013 Mac was awarded an honorary doctorate from Tulane University alongside His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
In 2014, Dr. John released critically acclaimed tribute to Louis Armstrong "Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch", with co-producer and arranger Sarah Morrow, his longtime music director. In 2015, Dr. John was awarded the Louie Award from the Louis Armstrong House Museum, and he received the Jazz Foundation of America's Hank Jones Award in October 2016 at "A Great Night in Harlem" which has pledged $ one million to help musicians recovering from the 2016 Louisiana flood. After more than half a century of creating music for others and himself, Mac continues to write, arrange, produce and interpret music with a passion.
Mac passed away in June 2019.
homepage: www.nitetripper.com


The Weapon
Atlantic SD 1638
released 1973
recorded September 1972 in New York City/USA
David Newman, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Frank Wess, alto sax
Seldon Powell, tenor sax
Robert Moore, trombone
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Joe Wilder, trumpet
Wilmer Wise, trumpet
Daniel Orlock, cornet
Paul Ingraham, French horn
Jonathan Dorn, tuba
Cornell Dupree, guitar
David Spinozza, guitar
Dr. John, piano, organ
Richard Tee, organ
Chuck Rainey, bass
Bernard Purdie, drums
Charles Collins, drums
Jimmy Johnson, drums
Ralph MacDonald, percussion
Columbia C 32172
released 1973
recorded in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Dr. John, guitar, banjo, organ, , piano, percussion, vocals
Jerry Jumonville, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax
James Beck Gordon, baritone sax
George Bohannon, trombone
Richard Blue Mitchell, trumpet
Michael Bloomfield, guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Hammond, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Thomas Jefferson Kaye, guitar, vocals
Chris Ethridge, bass
Lorraine Rebennack, bass
Fred Staehle, drums
John Bourdreaux, percussion
Benny Parks, percussion
Trader John
Intercord 128628
released 1977
Track A1-A3 from the LP "Zu Zu Man" from 1973
All other tracks are the complete LP "Anytime Anyplace" from 1974. There is only missing the track "One Night Late".
Mac Rebenack, organ, piano
Hank Crawford, alto sax, piano
Calvin Newborn, guitar
Charles "Flip" Greene, bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums
Charlie Miller, trumpet
Waymon Reed, trumpet
Dick Griffin, trombone
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Howard Johnson, baritone sax
Midnight Ramble
Milestone M-9112
released 1982
recorded November 1982 in New York City/USA
Hank Crawford, alto Sax, piano
Mac Rebennack, organ, piano
Calvin Newborn, guitar
Charles "Flip" Greene, bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums
Charlie Miller, trumpet
Waymon Reed, trumpet
Dick Griffin, trombone
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Howard Johnson, baritone sax
Indigo Blue
Milestone M-9119
released 1983
recorded August 1983 in New York, NY/USA
Hank Crawford, alto sax, piano
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Howard Johnson, baritone sax
Martin Banks, trumpet
Danny Moore, trumpet
Melvin Sparks, guitar
Wilbur Bascomb jr, bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums
Roadhouse Symphony
Milestone M-9140
released 1985
recorded April 1984 in New York City/USA
Hank Crawford, alto sax
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ, vocal
Melvin Sparks, guitar
Wilbur Bascomb jr, bass
Bernard Purdie, drums
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Alan Rubin, trumpet
Howard Johnson, baritone sax
Houston Person, tenor sax
David "Fathead" Newman, alto sax, tenor sax
Twilight Time
Blue Note CDP 7 46293 2
released 1985
recorded 1985 in New York City/USA
Benny Wallace, tenor sax
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ
Ray Anderson, trombone
Bob Cranshaw, bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums
Rabbit Edmons, sax
Eddie Gomez, bass
Chris Parker, drums
Bernard Purdie, drums
John Scofield, guitar
Stevie Ray Vaughn, guitar
Blue Note CDP 7 48014 2
released 1988
recorded June 1987 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Benny Wallace, tenor sax
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ
Ray Anderson, trombone
John Scofield, guitar
Mitch Watkins, guitar
Jay Anderson, bass
Eddie Gomez, bass
Will Lee, bass
Jeff Hirshfield, drums
Herlin Riley, drums, percussion
Alvon Queen, drums
Chris Parker, percussion
Room With A View Of The Blues
Rounder Records 2059
released 1988
recorded April/May 1987 in Metairie, LA/USA
Johnny Adams, trombone, violin, bass, vocals
Bill "Foots" Samuel, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
Alvin "Red" Tyler, tenor sax
Ernie Gautreau, trombone
Terry Tullos, trumpet, flugelhorn
Duke Robillard, guitar
Walter "Wolfman" Washington, guitar
Dr. John, organ, piano, synthesizer
David Barard, bass
Herman V. Ernest III, drums
Columbia FC 44369
released 1988
recorded May/June 1988 in New York City/USA
Harry Connick jr, piano, vocals
Carmen McRae, vocals
Mac Rebennack, organ, vocals
Robert Leslie Hurst III, bass
Night Beat
Milestone M-9168
released 1989
recorded September/October 1988 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Hank Crawford, alto sax, piano
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ
Melvin Sparks, guitar
Wilbur Bascomb, bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums, percussion
Lew Soloff, trumpet
Alan Rubin, trumpet
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax, flute
Howard Johnson, baritone sax
Bluesiana Triangle
Milestone M-9168
released 1990
recorded March 1990 in Mamaroneck, NY/USA
Art Blakey, drums, piano, vocals
Mac Rebennack, guitar, organ, piano, vocals
David "Fathead" Newman, flute, saxophone
Essiet Okon Essiet, bass
Joe Bonadio, drums, percussion
Dreams Come True
Anton's Records ANT0014CD
released 1990
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
Marcia Ball, piano, , vocals
Lou Ann Barton, vocals
Angela Strehli, vocals
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, alto sax, baritone sax
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Jon Blondell, trombone
Gary Slechta, trumpet
Kamikaze Horns Band, horn
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Jimmie Vaughan, guitar
Dr. John, organ, piano, guitar, percussion
Reese Wynans, organ
Mel Brown, bass
Doyle Bramhall, drums
George Rains, drums
All My Life
Bullseye Blues CD BB 9501
released 1990
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Charles Brown, organ, pano, vocals
Clifford Solomon, alto sax, tenor sax, tambourine
Frank Henry, baritone sax
Haywood Henry, baritone sax
David Sholl, baritone sax
Danny Caron, guitar
Danny Caron, guitar
Dr. John, organ, piano, vocals
Ron Levy, organ
Ruth Brown, bass, vocals
Earl May, bass
Kenneth Blevins, drums
Keith Copeland, drums
Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me
Analogue Productions APP 028
released 1991
recorded April to June 1991 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Johnny Adams, trombone, vocals
Eric Traub, tenor sax
Alvin "Red" Tyler, baritone sax
Charlie Miller, trumpet
Duke Robillard, guitar, bass
Mac Rebennack, Hammond organ, piano, percussion
James Singleton, bass
Johnny Vidacovich, drums
Goin' Back To New Orleans
Warner Brothers 7599-26940-2
released 1992
recorded June 1992 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ, vocals, guitar
Danny Barker, banjo, guitar, vocals
Freddy Staehle, drums
David Barard, bass
Chris Severin, bass
Tommy Moran, guitar
Alfred 'Uganda' Roberts, percussion
Chief 'Smiley' Ricks, percussion
Cyril Neville, percussion
Charles Neville, percussion
The Neville Brothers, vocals
Horn section
The Jazz Book
Blues Beacon BLU-10202
released 1994
recorded February 1993 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Lilian Bouté, vocals
Thomas L'Etienne, tenor sax, clarinet
Lerny Jones, trumpet
Edward Frank, piano, organ
Mac Rebennack, guitar, organ
Lloyd Lambert, bass
Søren Frost, drums
Heart and Soul - The Hank Crawford Anthology
Rhino 71673
released 1994
Hank Crawford, alto sax, baritone sax, piano
Mac Rebennack, organ
Jimmy McGriff, organ
Lucky Peterson, organ
various artists
GRP Records MGD 4024
released 1994
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Dr. John, guitar, organ, pano, tambourine, vocals
David "Fathead" Newman, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Ronnie Cuber, tenor sax, baritone sax
Alvin "Red" Tyler, tenor sax
Birch Johnson, trombone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Charles Miller, trumpet
Hugh McCracken, dobro, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, drums, tambourine
George Wadenius, guitar
David Barard, bass
James Genus, bass
Sonny Emory, drums
Fred Staehle, drums, percussion
Errol Bennett, drums, percussion
Crusher Bennett, drums, percussion
Anthony Kiedis, vocals
Plays Blues: The Rounder Years
Bullseye Blues CD BB 9598
compilation, recorded March 1983 through April 1990
Duke Robillard, guitar, bass, vocals
Scott Appelrouth, guitar, bass
Thomas Enright, guitar, bass
Jimmie Vaughan, guitar
Scott Billington, piano, percussion
Dr. John, organ, piano
Ron Levy, organ, piano
Malcolm Walsh, organ
Tom DeQuattro, drums
Doug Hinman, drums
Susann Forrest, vocals
Duke Elegant
Blue Note 7243 5 23220 2 2
recorded in New York City/USA
Dr. John, piano, organ, vocals
David Barard, bass
Herman Ernest III, drums
Bobby Broom, guitar
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax
Shadows In The Air
Sanctuary 06076 84511-2
recorded November 1999 through December 2000 in New York, NY/USA
Jack Bruce, guitar, piano, Vox organ, bass, vocals
Miguel Xenon, alto sax
Mario Rivera, tenor sax
Papo Vasquez, trombone
Piro Rodriguez, trumpet
Malcolm Bruce, guitar, synthesizer
Eric Clapton, guitar, Vox organ, vocals
Gary Moore, guitar
Vernon Reid, guitar
Dr. John, organ, piano
Jimmy McDonald, accordion
Alfredo Triff, violin
Andy González, bass
Robby Ameen, drums
Milton Cardona, congas
Richie Flores, congas
Talking To Strangers
Alligator Records ALCD 4887
recorded in New York City/USA
Shemekia Copeland, vocals
Hugh McCracken, guitar
Arthur Neilson, guitar
Mac Rebennack, piano, organ, vocals
Jason Ladanye, organ, piano
David Barard, bass, percussion
Jason Langley, bass
Herman V. Ernest III, drums, percussion
Larry McDonald, percussion
Fingers Hahn, percussion
VOW Voice Of The Wetlands
Rykodisc RCD 10829
recorded January 2005 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Tab Benoit, guitar, vocals
Anders Osborne, guitar, vocals
Dr. John, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, harmonica
Waylon Thibodeaux, fiddle
George Porter jr., bass, vocals
Johnny Vidacovich, drums, vocals
Cyril Neville, percussion, vocals
Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, tambourine, vocals
Fontana FTN 17803
recorded in Maurice, LA and New Orleans, LA/USA
Dr. John, organ, piano, vocals
Donald Harrison, alto sax
Alonzo Bowens, tenor sax
Carl Blouin, baritone sax
Mark Mullins, trombone
Charlie Miller, trumpet
John Fohl, guitar
Derek Trucks, guitar
Marcel Richardson, organ, piano
Natalia Casante, violin
Harry Hardin, violin
Lauren Lemmler, viola
Helen Gillet, cello
David Barard, bass, vocals
Herman V. Ernest III, drums, percussion
Kenneth "Afro" Williams, percussion
Lisa Foster, vocals
Charla Herman, chant
Lulu Siker, chant

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