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Ethel Smith
Ethel (* 1902 in Pittsburgh, PA) performed from a fairly young age and traveled widely, after studying both music and several languages at Carnegie Institute of Technology. She became proficient in Latin music while staying in South America, and it is the style of music with which she is now most associated. She was a guitarist as well as an organist, and in her later years occasionally played the guitar live for audiences, but all her recordings were on the organ. She ultimately recorded dozens of albums, mostly for Decca Records.
Ethel performed in several Hollywood films such as George White's Scandals (1945) and Melody Time (1948). Her rendition of "Tico Tico" became her best-known hit. She performed it in the MGM film Bathing Beauty (1944), after which her recording reached the U.S. pop charts in November 1944, and sold nearly two million copies worldwide. Ethel's recording of "Monkey on a String" became the theme song for Garfield Goose and Friends, a popular children's television show in Chicago that ran from 1952 until 1976. She died 1996.
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Souvenir Album
Decca DLP 5016
released 1949
Ethel Smith, Hammond organ
Bando Carioca
Galloping Fingers
Decca ED 669
released 1954, 7" EP
Ethel Smith, Hammond organ
further details unknown
Make Mine Hawaiian
Decca DL 74236
released 1962
Ethel Smith, Hammond organ
further details unknown
Organ Extravaganza
MSC-35080-2, ETC-2
released 1987
Ethel Smith, Hammond organ
further details unknown
Tico Tico
Coral COPS 4697
compilation of early releases from 1944 - 1952
Ethel Smith, Hammond organ
further details unknown

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