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Ralph Smith
Ralph was an organist, pianist, and accordionist. No details known.


Illinois Jacquet
Argo P722
released 1962
Illinois Jacquet, alto sax, tenor sax
Leo Parker, baritone sax
Cecil Payne, baritone sax
Matthew Gee, trombone
Roy Eldridge, trumpet
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Kenny Burrell, guitar, bass
Barry Galbraith, guitar
Ralph Smith, organ
Sir Charles Thompson, piano
George Duvivier, bass
Wally Richardson, bass
Jimmy Rowser, bass
Ben Tucker, bass
Jimmy Crawford, drums
Jo Jones, drums
Ray Lucas, drums
Willie Rodriguez, percussion
The Message
Cadet CA 722
released 1963
recorded May 1963 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Illinois Jacquet, tenor sax, bassoon
Kenny Burrell, guitar
Wallace Richardson, guitar
Ralph Smith, organ
Ben Tucker, bass
William Rodriguez, percussion
Ray Lucas, drums

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