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William "Smitty" Smith
William Daniel "Smitty" Smith (* 1944) was a keyboardist and session musician. He had been playing together with Steve Kennedy, Eric Mercury and Diane Brooks in a Toronto band called the Soul Searchers that was fronted by Mercury and Brooks. After the Soul Searchers broke up, first Kennedy and then Smith joined a group called Grant Smith & The Power. In 1969 Smith and Kennedy, along with Ken Marco and Wayne "Stoney" Stone, formed Motherlode and went on to have a U.S. #18 hit with When I Die. The group broke up in 1970 and Smith fronted a second version of Motherlode that was soon to break up after releasing one single.
Smith became a session musician and played on and contributed background vocals to recordings by artists such as Eric Mercury on his Funky Sounds Nurtured in the Fertile Soil album, Mark Tanner on his No Escape album, Ricky Lee Jones on her Flying Cowboys album, etc. He also released a solo album Smitty which included a song "Sweetie Pie" that he co-wrote with Eric Mercury. In the early 1980s Smith played keyboards and background vocals in Mike Finnigan and The Right Band.
He died in 1997, aged 53, of a heart attack.
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Saint & Stephanie
Arista AB 4233
released 1979
Stephanie, percussion, vocals
George Marge, alto sax, flute, English horn
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Ernie Watts, tenor sax
Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax
Gerry Chamberlain, trombone
Tom "Bones" Malone, trombone
Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn
John Gatchell, trumpet, flugelhorn
Jeff Mironov, guitar
Cliff Morris, guitar
David T. Walker, guitar
William "Smitty" Smith, organ, keyboards
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Rob Mounsey, keyboards
Jai Winding, keyboards
Gregg Wright, clavinet, keyboards
Alfred Brown, strings
Ben Adkins, bass guitar
Francisco Centeno, bass guitar
Steve Jordan, drums
Harvey Mason sr., drums
Allen Schwarzberg, drums
Rubens Bassini, percussion
Tyrell "The Rock" Deadrick, percussion
Neil Jason, vocals
Planet P-9003
released 1979
Anita Pointer, vocals
June Pointer, vocals
Ruth Pointer, vocals
David Spinozza, guitar, slide guitar
Waddy Wachtel, guitar, slide guitar
Dan Dugmore, guitar
William D. "Smitty" Smith, organ, piano
Nicky Hopkins, piano
Billy Payne, piano
Scott Chambers, bass
Rick Marotta, drums
Bobby Guidotti, percussion, tambourine
Party Of One
MCA 5125
released 1980
Tim Weisberg, flute
Buzz Feiten, guitar
Mike Sembello, guitar
John Hug, guitar
William "Smitty" Smith, organ
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Neil Larsen, keyboards
John Jarvis, keyboards
Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Lynn Blessing, string harp
Abraham Laboriel, bass
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Ed Greene, drums
Steve Forman, percussion
Bill Champlin, lead vocals
Black & White
Planet P-18
released 1981
Anita Pointer, vocals
June Pointer, vocals
Ruth Pointer, vocals
Trevor Lawrence, tenor sax
Paul Jackson, guitar
Timothy May, guitar
John Barnes, keyboards, piano
Greg Phillinganes, piano
James Newton Howard, keyboards, synthesizer
Ed Walsh, synthesizer
Danny Faragher, organ
William Smith, organ
Mike Cotton, synthesizer
David Foster, synthesizer
Mike Porcaro, bass
Nate Watts, bass
John "J.R." Robinson, drums
Paulinho Da Costa, congas, percussion
Break Out
Planet BXL1-4705
released 1983
Anita Pointer, vocals
June Pointer, vocals
Ruth Pointer, vocals
Gary Herbig, sax
Jim Horn, sax
Dick Hyde, trombone
Chuck Findley, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet
George Doering, guitar
Mark Goldenberg, guitar
Dennis Herring, guitar
Howie Rice, guitar, synthesizer
Lee Ritenour, guitar
Lee Ritenour, guitar
William D. "Smitty" Smith, organ
John Barnes, piano
Vince Melamed, piano
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Francis Buckley, synthesizer
Tommy Faragher, keyboards, synthesizer
Paul Fox, synthesizer
Andy Goldmark, synthesizer
James Ingram, synthesizer
Barry Mann, synthesizer
Steve Mitchell, synthesizer, percussion
Bruce Roberts, synthesizer, percussion
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards, synthesizer
Richard Ruttenberg, synthesizer
John Van Tongeren, synthesizer
Louis Johnson, bass
Eddie Watkins, bass
Nathan Watts, bass
Michael Baird, drums
John "J.R." Robinson, drums
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Flying Cowboys
Geffen Records 424 246-2
released 1989
Rickie Lee Jones, guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Bob Sheppard, sax
Marty Krystall, English horn, clarinet, tenor saxophone
Vince Mendoza, trumpet
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Buzz Feiten, guitar
Dean Parks, guitar
Sal Bernardi, guitar
Greg Mathieson, Hammond B-3 organ
William "Smitty" Smith, organ
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Pascal Nabet-Meyer, synthesizer, piano, percussion
Michael Omartian, piano
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Chris Smith, harmonica
Gary Coleman, vibes
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Rob Wasserman, bass
Ed Alton, bass
Walter Becker, bass
John Robinson, drums
Peter Erskine, drums
Paulinho da Costa, percussion
Michael Fisher, percussion
Bob Zimmitti, percussion
Fishhead Records FCD 21212
recorded in Tulsa, OK; Los Angeles, CA; North Hollywood, CA; Chatsworth, CA; Sherman Oaks, CA/USA
Scott Ellison, guitar, vocals
Vine Street Horns, horn
Dukes of Soul Horns, horn
Kenny Lee Lewis, guitar, bass, vocals
William "Smitty" Smith, Hammond organ
David Tanner, Hammond organ
Tom Canning, Hammond organ
Ronnie Floyd, Hammond organ, piano
Lou Johnson, keyboards
Steve LeGassick, keyboards, bass
Terry Lupton, keyboards, piano
Preston Smith, harmonica
Armando Compean, bass
Steve Crane, bass
Paul Roper, bass
Paul Daniel, drums
Dave Hunt, drums
Rick Shlosser, drums

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