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John Turk
John (* 1943 in Vallejo, CA) got his first lessons playing piano from his mother. His talent and commitment to music was extraordinary from a very young age. John soon added mastery of the trumpet, and amazed children and adults alike by playing the piano with one hand and the trumpet in the other.
John pursued a musical career and it took off, taking him across the U.S. touring with the famed Jimmy McCracklin. John moved to Oakland in the late 60s and played with some of the best artists - Johnny Heartsman, Lou Rawls, Etta James and rising stars like Sly Stone, Faye Carol and Jesse James. By the early 70s, John had taken the lead and started his own band, John Turk & The 3rd Street Annex, a legendary, award-winning, East Bay combo. The demand for his performances took him all the way to Europe.
John was a musician's musician. He loved the art and always revered it over fame or money. His talent extended to the organ, synthesizer and flugelhorn. He passed away in 2018.
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Endless Boogie
ABC Records ABCD-720
released 1971
recorded November 1970 in San Francisco, CA/USA
John Lee Hooker, guitar, vocals
Dan Alexander, guitar
Mel Brown, guitar
Cliff Coulter, guitar, piano
Jesse Ed Davis, guitar
Steve Miller, guitar
Mark Naftalin, guitar, piano
Jerry Perez, guitar
John Turk, piano, organ
Dave Berger, harmonica
Carl Radle, bass
Gino Skaggs, bass
Jim Gordon, drums
Billy Ingram, drums
Reno Lanzara, drums
Ken Swank, drums, tambourine
L.A. Midnight
ABC Records ABCX-743
released 1972
B.B. King, guitar, vocals
Earl Turbinton, alto sax
Red Holloway, tenor sax
Louis Hubert, tenor sax
Plas Johnson, baritone sax
Joseph Burton, trombone
Bobby Bryant, trumpet
John Browning, trumpet
Red Callender, tuba
Jesse Ed Davis, guitar, slide guitar
Joe Walsh, guitar
Mel Brown, guitar
Randy Wolfe, guitar
Taj Mahal, guitar, harmonica
Paul Harris, piano
Victor Feldman, piano, congas
Ron Levy, piano
Clifford Coulter, piano, tambourine
John Turk, Hammond organ
Bryan Garofalo, bass
Wilbert Freeman, bass
Ron Brown, bass
Bob Morin, drums
Sonny Freeman, drums
Earl Palmer, drums
Sandy Konikoff, tambourine
Heart & Soul Records 8801
recorded in San Francisco, CA/USA
Tommy Castro, guitar, vocals
Keith Crossan, tenor sax
Michael Peliquin, tenor sax
Tom Poole, trumpet
John Turk, organ, piano
Curtis Salgado, harmonica, vocals
Randy McDonald, bass
Billie Lee Lewis, drums
Sista Monica Parker, vocals
Home Grown
no label
John Turk, organ, piano
Cheryl Serame, vocals
no further details known

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