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Maceo Woods
Maceo (* 1932 in Chicago, IL), was a gospel musician and a celebrated organist, who founded Christian Tabernacle Church in Chicago, IL. He started his music career in 1954 with the release of Amazing Grace. His 25 releases have spanned the course of 50 plus years in recording music, and he has released albums with a myriad of noteworthy labels. The only work to place upon the Billboard magazine R&B Albums chart, with the release of Hello Sunshine in 1970 with Volt Records, and the song "Hello Sunshine" placed on the R&B Singles chart.
Maceo died in 2020.
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Great Day
Milestone M-47028
compilation, released 1975
The Staple Singers
Mavis Staples, vocals
Roebuck Staples, vocals, guitar
Maceo Woods, organ
Johnny Pate, bass
Leonard Gaskin, bass
Phil Upchurch, bass
Al Duncan, drums
Gus Johnson, drums
Joe Marshall, drums

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