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Greg Woods
Greg Woods, aka The Professor, is a native of Milwaukee/WI, who came to the New York area in February 1977 to pursue a musical career. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his roots were in the jazz bands and top 40 R&B bands of the Midwest that have given us numerous famous artists.
Working his way up through the ranks, he has not only become a working musician, but also an authority on the history of black music, in particular jazz. His love for photography has also allowed him to document many of the inner workings of the music industry. Throughout his career, he has been mentored by many of the legends on the Hammond organ, but continued to base his career on the piano. A year ago, he realized that most of the Hammond legends were gone and the legacy might be lost. Since that time, he has focused more on exposing the Hammond organ to the public at every chance he gets. Fortunately, recent developments have made that sound more portable, so that a larger audience can hear the glorious sound of the Hammond.
The group "Organik Kemistry" is founded around the concept that the Hammond organ can still be a major force in music. The instrumentation of the group is flexible, but consists of a Hammond organ, a drummer and a guitarist. A vocalist and a sax player May also be added. The music the group plays runs the gamut from traditional organ swing and blues to contemporary smooth jazz and pop songs. The experience of the Professor allows him to take most requests from the audience. His experience with large concert venues allows him to understand the needs of the audience to be entertained. The composition of the group and the concept of the music are constantly evolving.
contact: GWkeys@aol.com
homepage: www.organikkemistry.com
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