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Red Young
Red Young was born in Forth Worth, TX. He grew up with a classical background and listened to everyone from Van Cliburn, Ray Charles, B.B. King, Freddy King and many other blues and jazz players. He had a well-rounded musical education, and accompanied vocalists, choirs, and played in bands.
Upon leaving high school, he first went to North Texas State in Denton, then on the road with trumpeter Clyde McCoy's band. Since it was 1968, rather than get drafted, Red joined the Air Force Band. He learnt a great deal about arranging for big band and horn sections, and he formed a Chicago/BS&T group. During this time, Red started playing the Hammond B-3 organ. After that, in 1972, he travelled through the New England area with an organ trio.
Some years later, Red went back to Texas where he formed the Ham Brothers, a fusion band of 5 players. The band became successful in the local Dallas-Forth Worth area. Red became in integral part of the recording scene, he did vocal and instrumental arrangements on numerous albums as well as keyboard and vocal harmony duties.
Again some years later, Young moved to Los Angeles. where he was enlisted in Sony & Cher's band. He worked for Joan Armatrading, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker and Eric Burdon. In the middle of the 80's, Red was drawn back home: He wformed his own band in Forth Worth, the Red and the Red Hots. They performed in many venues around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
After 1987, Red felt the need to go back to Los Angeles. He joined a tour with Juice Newton. In 1994, he again began to perform more engagements with the Red Hots, till these days. He continues his career as arranger and performer, has his own 24 track studio, and contributes arrangements. After all, Red went back to Texas in 2002.
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homepage: www.redyoung.com
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Savage Night
Interscope Records INTD 90305

Dave Sholl, tenor sax
Tom Peterson, tenor sax, baritone sax
Lee Thornburg, trumpet, flugelhorn
Mark Sproull, guitar
Milt Reder, guitar
Gary Brandin, steel guitar
Bron Tieman, steel guitar
Red Young, Hammond organ
Michael Murphy, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Mark Fontana, bass, vocals
Tom Maxwell, drums
Efrain Toro, percussion
The Organizer
Blues Leaf Records BL 9821
recorded in Hollywood, CA/USA
Red Young, Hammond B-3 organ
Kenny Sara, drums, percussion
James Achor, guitar
Willie McNeil, drums
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Jesilu Records 1016
recorded in Santa Clarita, CA/USA
Teresa James, piano
Ron Dziubla, sax
Sean Holt, sax
Terry Wilson, sax, guitar, organ, bass, percussion
Lee Thornburg, trumpet
Darrell Leonard, horn
Mark Pender, horn
Billy Watts, guitar
Mike Finnigan, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Lewis Stephens, organ, piano
Red Young, organ
Phil Parlapiano, piano
Tony Braunagel, drums
Jim Christie, drums
Jay Bellarose, drums, percussion
Herman Matthews, drums
Gregg Sutton, vocals

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