Funkadelic: Live

cover picture Epic ZK 64631

George Benson, guitar, vocals
David Sanborn, alto sax
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax
Bennie Green, trombone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
John Frosk, trumpet
Alan Rubin, trumpet
Joe Shepley, trumpet
Hubert Laws, flute
Eric Gale, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar, bass
Kenny Barron, piano
Ronnie Foster, keyboards
Don Grolnick, keyboards
Bobby Lyle, keyboards
Clarence Palmer, organ
Don Sebesky, keyboards
Lonnie Smith, organ
Gary King, bass
Marion Booker, drums
Marvin Chapell, drums
Jack DeJohnette, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Jimmy Lovelace, drums
Ray Lucas, drums, bass
Andy Newmark, drums
Sue Evans, percussion


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