Merl Saunders: Keepers

cover picture Fantasy FCD-7712-2

Merl Saunders, organ, piano, clavinet, synthesizer, vocals
Martin Fierro, sax, flute
Ron Stalling, sax
John Wilmeth, trumpet
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Joel Cohen, guitar
Billy Fender, guitar
Tom Fogerty, guitar
Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals
Chris Hayes, guitar
Michael Howell, guitar
David Grisman, mandolin
Vassar Clements, violin
John Kahn, bass
Chuck Rainey, bass
Tony Saunders, bass
Gaylord Birch, drums
Vince Littleton, drums, percussion
Larry Vann, drums
Bill Vitt, drums
Eccleston W. Wainwright jr., drums
Sheila Escovedo, congas
Kenneth Nash, percussion, bongos, congas
Walter Hawkins & The Hawkins Family, vocals
Lynette Hawkins-Stephens, vocals
Geoff Muldaur, vocals


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