Emmanuel Bex: 3

cover picture pee wee music PW022

Emmanuel Bex, Hammond Organ
Bireli Lagrene, guitar
Philip Catherine, guitar
Claude Barthélémy, guitar
André, drums
Aldo Romano, drums
Stéphane Buchard, drums

Well, the French jazz organ scene is highly marked by organists like Rhoda Scott and Eddie Louiss, and they built up their reputation worldwide. The younger generation like Stéphane Patry or Emmanuel Bex are on their way to great respect, mainly in Europe. The above mentioned album 3 well demonstrates the solid and classical background Emmanuel brings in. Thus, he can not keep from his audience a certain influence the music of Eddy Louiss has on his way of composing and playing. Of high interest is the fact that Emmanuel revives the old tradition of organ trios which were celebrated by Grand Master Jimmy Smith. On the album 3 Bex presents three different trios with reknown musicians what underlines Bex's importance to the French jazz organ scene.

Different from what we use to know - but excellent!

Download a sound sample (MP3) of this album:
"L'hymne à l'amour" by klicking on the MP3-label.


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