ChoralConcert: Bilder einer Ausstellung

cover picture KlangRäume 30430

Karl Scharnweber, church organ
Thomas Klemm, sax, flutes
Wolfgang Schmiedt, guitars

ChoralConcert's latest release is not just what we call Jazz or New Age or World Music, it's simply spoken an interpretation of Mussorgski's Pictures at an Exhibition, belonging more or less to the classical department. Nevertheless it is presented here as it gives a further view on the work of this outstanding trio which got a wider recognition as interprets of chorals in a jazzy manner.

As we are used to, ChoralConcert's organist Karl Scharnweber takes over the part of the solid sound base - transformed on this CD to the part of the orchestre, whereas the guitar, sax and flutes play the melodies.

Classics off the beaten track


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