Paul Wagnberg: Eat Meat!

cover picture Real Records RT 109-2

Paul Wagnberg, Hammond B-3, vocals
Randy Johnston, guitar
Torstein Ellingsen, drums

You probably remember the Norwegian Band The Real Thing, in which Paul Wagnberg had the part of the organ player. Now he has released his first album in his own name and dedicated it to the "boss and mentor of all jazz organ players: Jimmy Smith", as the cover says. And in fact: the sound and style remember to what Jimmy Smith did in the late 60's (for example "Stay Loose"), somewhat funky, somewhat bluesy. But also Jack McDuff sends his regards.
So Paul on his own album starts with the music of the Grand Masters whereas the compositions mostly are home made. He plays a wonderful technique and succeeds in empathizing with the jazz style of those times. What is missing at the end are his own ideas. What a pity!



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