Carlo de Wijs: Organtasy

cover picture Move Records MR 3050

Carlo de Wijs, Hammond organ
Martin Bakker, guitars
Pim Dros, drums
Erwin van Motman, vocals
Jeroen de Rijk, percussion
Simone Roerade, vocals
Adriana Romijn, vocals
Jozien van Dorst, vocals

Wow, this is music causing perspiration. With a tremendous speed, the drums beat you over the dance floor whereas the organ builds up a sound carpet, interrupted by furious soloes. Is it funk, is it dance floor, is it MMW? And what about Booker T? A little bit of all. But in the next moment you will be surprised by a Carlo who reminds you Jimmy McGriff with big band at his best. The background choir also plays a remarkable roll when performing like the Temptations in best "soul" manner or like a gospel choir.
What will surprise is the fact that a music of this kind is produced in Europe by Dutch artists. You would probably take it for a USA band.



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