Jeff Golub: Out Of The Blue

cover picture Atlantic 92819-2

Jeff Golub, guitar
Marc Antoine, guitar
Kirk Whalum, sax
Tim Reis, sax
Richie Flores, horn, percussion
Jim Biggins, flute
David Woodford, flute, sax
Rick Braun, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jim Hynes, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jeff Levine, Hammond organ
Leon Pendarvis, Hammond organ
Ricky Peterson, Hammond organ
Kenny White, piano, Wurlitzer
Philippe Saisse, keyboards, percussion
Lincoln Goines, bass
Neil Jason, bass
Tony Levin, bass
Steve Ferrone, drums
Shawn Pelton, drums
Steve Barbuto, drums
Roger Squitero, percussion
James "D-Train" Williams, vocals


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