Matthias Bätzel: Monk's Mood

cover picture JHM Records 3628

Matthias Bätzel, Hammond organ
Helmut Kagerer, guitar
Michael Keul, drums

Bätzel, meanwhile on his way to a great organ career, has already proved with his CD Green Dumplings, that he is an outstanding artist as a pianist as well as an organist.
His project Monk's Mood transforms Monk's music from the piano to the organ. All musicians who have studies Monk's subtle jazz will probably think of such a project to be nearly impossible. Matthias has dared it all the same. As an artist, who masters both the piano and the organ, he has been predestined to cope with such a task.
Of course, the result is not easy listening. Bätzel's Monk demands the full attention of the listener to be able to follow and understand this artistic building of notes and chords. This CD is the masterpiece of an organist who counts without any doubt to the world's top jazz musicians.



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