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Paul Hahn:
Presidio Epilogue
Label Xie River Music 19525
online distribution


Paul Hahn guitar
Tom Coster organ
Steve Smith drums
Lee Neal drums
Pete Sweitzer organ
Rex Fugard drums


Track List
01: Phaeacia
02: Presidio
03: Your Lady
04: Sur
05: Oh Linda
06: Presidio Epilogue


Well, many of you will know Tom Coster as Carlos Santana's organist during the 70's. 30 years later, Tom lets you experience a quite new Coster: Tom plays a mixture of rock, mystic sounds, modal harmonies and meditative tunes. "Your Lady", a composition by John Coltrane, is an impressive example. The guitar and the organ plays as a duo, forming a dialogue with questions and answers.
A fine record!


Sound Samples


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