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Robert Jacobson:
Label Banana Bread Records 0001
recorded May 2001 in Van Nuys, CA/USA
online distribution


Robert Jacobson guitar
Vinny Golia soprano sax, bass clarinet
Byron Vannoy drums
Clark Sommers double bass
Dan Pinder bass
Bryan Landers pedal steel guitar, mandolin
Jason Mears alto sax
Eric Sbar euphonium
Wayne Peet Hammond B-3 organ
Jett Eliassen trumpet
Evan Fraser percussion, jaw harp


Track List
01: Grounded
02: Placerita Canyon
03: Captain Crucial
04: Dusk
05: The Airshow
06: Log-A-Rhythm
07: Between B And G
08: Fryselli
09: Banana Bread


That blows your mind! This music reminds you somewhat the early era of Tom Coster. Mixed up with some elements of fusion, blues, and ballads, Carlo and his band create a rousing mood which can easily carry you away.


Sound Samples


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