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Barbara Dennerlein:
Spiritual Movement No. 1
Label Bebab 250970
recorded August 2002 at St. Martin in Memmingen/Germany
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Barbara Dennerlein church organ


Track List
01: Introduction
02: Rankett Blues
03: Pendel Der Zeit
04: Tin Tin Deo
05: Holy Blues
06: Change Of Pace
07: I Miss You
08: Spiritual Movement
09: Longing
10: Waltzing Pipes
11: Ain't Misbehavin'
12: Psychedelic Cluster


We know Barbara as one of the leading European jazz organists - on the Hammond. But her passion for the pipe organ goes back to her youth and arose newly 1994, when she played her first composition for the church organ on the occasion of the "Würzburger Orgeltage", and that was "Spiritual Movement".
Barbara transforms her experiences she made with the Hammond organ onto the pipe organ, what is more difficult as it seems to be. The technique playing a pipe organ is quite different from that playing a Hammond. This is the reason why good pipe organists seldom are good at the Hammond or vice versa. Barbara overcomes these problems with ease. We discover her well known bass lines now represented by the fat bass pipes of the mighty church organ. We hear her swinging and rhythmic melodies (like "Rankett Blues" [Rankett is an organ voice, which plays the melody in this tune]), her groovy tunes and sentimental ballads (like "I Miss You").
10 of the 12 titles on this CD are compositions of Barbara Dennerlein, which are released as sheet music (please see section sheet music/books).
It will be noticed that the organist follows rather exactly the scores and leaves only few room for variations. Unfortunately, the spontaneity of Barbara's music gets lost a little bit. This is widely compensated by her creating impressive pipe organ sounds moving over the heads of the listeners. A great CD!
Some words about the organ itself: The recording was made in the church St. Martin in Memmingen/Germany. The organ was constructed by Orgelbau Goll, Switzerland, has 64 stops on 4 manuals and counts to the great church organs in Germany.


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