Peter Autschbach: Feelin' Dunk

cover picture Acoustic Music 319.1266/242

Peter Autschbach, guitar
Barbara Dennerlein, organ
Mario Brüninghaus, drums
Rolf Sander, bass
Dorian Rudnytsky, bass
Marco Bussi, drums
Martin Hesselbach, percussion

Obviously, Barbara makes her mark on the style of this CD. She - and the whole band - plays in the well known bebop manner, swinging, bluesy, but without any new discoveries. You could have expected that due to the fact that this CD was initiated by the "Peter Autschbach Projekt".
But, hold on. There are two songs (numbers 5 & 6) which are absolutely not Dennerlein like. It seems that Peter has encouraged Barbara to follow him into the world of fusion. Peter takes over the leadership, and Barbara gets into it with ease.



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