Son Seals: Deluxe Edition

cover picture Alligator Records ALCD5611

Son Seals, vocals, guitar Henri Ford, alto sax, baritone sax
Reggie Allmon, tenor sax
Bill McFarland, trombone
Dan Rabinowitz, trumpet
Kenneth Cooper, trumpet
Paul Howard, trumpet
Dan Rabinowitz, flugelhorn
Red Groetzinger, flute
Lacy Gibson, guitar
Mark Weaver, guitar
Steve Plair, guitar
A.C. Reed, tenor banjo
John 'Big Moose' Walker, organ
Sidney James Wingfield, organ
Tony Zamagni, organ
Alberto Gianquinto, piano
King Solomon, piano
John Riley, bass
Johnny Gayden, bass
Noel Neal, bass
Harry 'Snapper' Mitchum, bass
Bert 'Top Hat' Robinson, drums
Charles L. Caldwell, drums
David D. Anderson, drums
Dave Russell, drums
Ray 'Killer' Anderson, drums
Tony Gooden, drums
Willie Hayes, drums


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