Tom Scott: New Found Freedom

cover picture Higher Octave Jazz HOJ42375

Tom Scott, alto sax, tenor sax, harmonica, synthesizer
Greg Thomas, tenor sax
John Barnes, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Craig Chaquico, guitar
Larry McGee, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar
Jonathan Butler, guitar
Craig T. Cooper, guitar
George Duke, piano
Gerald McCauley, Fender Rhodes
Jerry Peters, Fender Rhodes
Kurt Clayton, keyboards
Billy Preston, Hammond Organ
Mikael Sandgren, synthesizer
Alex Al, bass
Nathan East, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Marcus Miller, bass
Ricky Lawsonm, drums, cymbals
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Luis Conte, conga, percussion
Carl Anderson, vocals
Michael Cooper, vocals
Daniel Rodriguez, vocals
Ann Nesby, vocals
Valerie Watson, vocals


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