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Celso Murilo:
Mr. Ritmo
Label Whatmusic WMCD-0074
recorded 1959
online distribution


Celso Murilo organ, piano
Ohana drums, timbales
Rubens Bassini pandeiro, bongo
Jorginho tumbadora
Tião Marinho bass
Copinha flute
Maurilio trumpet
Edgar e seu grupo vocals


Track List
01: Implorar
02: Ai! Que Saudades De Amelia
03: Tea For Two
04: Não Deixe A Peteca Cair
05: Rico Vacilon
06: Chorou, Chorou
07: Merengue En Copa
08: Los Marcianos
09: Teleco-Teco No.1
10: Cha-Cha Celso
11: Pau Pereira
12: Ritmo Sabroso
13: Rosa Morena


Thanks to Whatmusic, famous for their re-issues of almost forgotten albums but worth a rebirth, one of the less known Brazilian bossa organists comes to life. In 1959, Celso Murilo came to Rio where he performed as an organist at the legendary "Drink", a club in the heart of Rio. Many samba fans were fascinated of Mr. Ritmo.
Who loves Walt Wanderley will love Celso Murilo and this CD.


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