Slim Harpo: The Excello Singles Anthology

cover picture Hip-O Records B0000583-02

tracks CD1-01 to CD1-06:
Slim Harpo, vocal, harmonica
Gabriel Perrodin, guitar
Clinton 'Fats' Perrodin, bass
Clarence 'Jockey' Etienne, drums

tracks CD1-07 to CD1-22; CD2-01 to CD2-06 and CD2-21:
Slim Harpo, vocals, harmonica
Willie 'Tom Cat' Parker, tenor sax
Rudolph Richard, guitar
James Johnson, guitar
Katie Webster, organ
Sonny Martin, piano
Sammy K. Brown, drums

tracks CD2-07 to CD2-10:
Slim Harpo, vocals, harmonica, guitar
Mabon 'Teenie' Hodges, guitar
Charles Hodges, organ
Leroy Hodges, bass
Howard Grimes, drums


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