Brian Auger: Auger Rhythms: Brian Auger's Musical History

cover picture Ghostown Records QSCD 4028

Brian Auger, Hammond B-3 organ, drums, percussion, vocals
Tommy Whittle, tenor sax
Derek Wadsworth, trombone
Gus Galbraith, trumpet, flugelhorn
Larry Williams, trumpet, flugelhorn
Clive Chaman, flute, bass
Gary Boyle, guitar
Vic Briggs, guitar
Chris Clermont, guitar
Alex Ligertwood, guitar, percussion, vocals
Jack Mills, guitar
Jim Mullen, guitar
Dave Ambrose, bass
Rick Brown, bass
Barry Dean, bass
Rick Laird, bass
Dan Lutz, bass
Roger Sutton, bass
Lenny Williams, bass
Chris Winston, bass
Colin Allen, drums
André Ceccarelli, drums
David Dowle, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Phil Kinorra, drums
Robbie McIntosh, drums
Godfrey McLean, drums
Barry Reeves, drums
Mike Scott, drums
Clive Thacker, drums
Mickey Waller, drums
Lennox Laington, congas
Long John Oliva, congas
Ali Auger, vocals
Savannah Auger, vocals
Julie Driscoll, vocals
Alan Skidmore, vocals
Marion Williams, vocals


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