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Enrico Crivellaro:
Key To My Kingdom
Label Electro-Fi Records E-FI 3379
recorded January 2003 in North Hollywood, CA/USA
online distribution


Enrico Crivellaro guitar
Jeff Big Dad Turmes tenor sax
Scott Steen trumpet
Alex Schultz guitar
Bruce Katz Hammond B-3 organ
Rick Reed bass
Steve Mugalian drums
James Harman vocals
Finis Tasby vocals


Track List
01: You're In For A Big Surprise
02: Drinkin' Cheap Champagne
03: Key To my Kingdom
04: Walkin' And Walkin'
05: The 'In' Crowd
06: Rain Is A Bringdown
07: Black Jack
08: Stand By
09: Train To Venice
10: Help Me Flip Another Flop
11: Black Coffee
12: Makin' Money




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