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John McLaughlin:
Montreux Concerts
Label Warner Music Switzerland 50-50466-9701-21
recorded CD1 & CD2: July 1974 at Convention Center in Montreux/Switzerland
CD12 - CD14: July 1993 and July 1995 at Strawinsky Auditorium in Montreux/Switzerland
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CD1 & CD2:
John McLaughlin guitar
Marsha Westbrook alto sax
Steve Frankovich horn
Bob Knapp flute, percussion
Gayle Moran organ
Steve Kindler violin
Jean-Luc Ponty violin
Carol Shive violin
Philip Hirschi cello
Ralphe Armstrong bass
Michael Walden drums
Gayle Moran vocals
CD12 - CD14:
John McLaughlin guitar
Joey DeFrancesco organ
Dennis Chambers drums


Track List
CD01:01: Power Of Love
CD01:02: Wings Of Karma
CD01:03: Smile Of The Beyond
CD02:01: Vision Is A Naked Sword
CD02:02: Hymn To Him
CD02:03: Dawn
CD12:01: Thelonius Melodius
CD12:02: Matinale
CD12:03: When Love Is Far Away
CD12:04: Nostalgia
CD12:05: Mother Tongues
CD12:06: 1 Night Stand
CD13:01: Tones For Elvin Jones
CD13:02: Matinale
CD13:03: Sing Me Softly Of The Blues
CD13:04: The Wall Will Fall
CD14:01: After The Rain
CD14:02: Mother Tongues
CD14:03: Old Folks




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