Barbara Dennerlein: In A Silent Mood

cover picture Bebab 250971

Barbara Dennerlein, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizers

Please forget all you believed to know about the German organist Barbara Dennerlein. This CD is totally different from what you know about Barbara's music. So step in and listen to a new experience.

"In a silent mood provides a revealing insight into her musical personality", says Thomas Kirchgraber in the booklet. But the question is, how you realize that sight. Barbara uses a confusing variety of musical elements and styles. There are tunes (like "Home Is Where My Heart Is") reminding you sacral music, surely influenced by Barbara's church organ play (see her CD "Spiritual Movements No.1"). There are ballads, telling you secrets of life; meditations, guiding you through a wide world of harmony; reflections on whatever you might hear, filled up with a bunch of adventurous harmonies (like in "I Miss You"); even a soft approach to swing (in "Last Call").
At a quick glance, you easily could put this CD into the section New Age. But there is more than that. Barbara is able to join jazzy and New Age elements to a style of her own, and this is surely the promised insight into an artist's soul full of creativity and ideas - and full of longings.

Unusual in respect of Barbara's previous music is the instrumentation. She makes widely use of a synthesizer which achieves a great importance against the Hammond organ; May be that this is strange for confirmed Dennerlein fans. No walking midi bass, no Leslie effects, no blues figures - that's just the new experience with Barbara. She shows impressively that she can create new styles and open her soul to the astonished listener.



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