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Taj Mahal:
The Essential Taj Mahal
Label Columbia C2K 94967
recorded compilation
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Slave Driver from Mo' Roots
Taj Mahal guitar, vocals
Hosal Wright guitar
Merl Saunders organ
Aston "Family Man" Barrett piano
Bill Rich bass
Kester "Smitty" Smith drums, percussion
Kwasi "Rocky" Dzidzournou percussion, congas
That's How Strong My Love Is from Dancing the Blues
Taj Mahal vocals
Texicali Horns horns
Johnny Lee Schell guitar
John Porter guitar
Mick Weaver organ
Bill Payne piano
Bob Glaub bass
Richie Hayward drums
Señor Blues from Señor Blues
Taj Mahal vocals, dobro
Joe Sublett tenor sax
Darrell Leonard trumpet
The Texacali Horns trombone, French horn
Johnny Lee Schell guitar
Mick Weaver Hammond B-3 organ
Jon Cleary piano
Cruisin' from Shoutin' In Key (Live)
Taj Mahal vocals
Joe Sublett tenor sax
Darrell Leonard trumpet
Denny Freeman guitar
Mick Weaver organ
Larry Fulcher bass


Track List
CD1-01: Leaving Trunk
CD1-02: Statesboro Blues
CD1-03: The Celebrated Walkin' Blues
CD1-04: She Caught The Katy (And Left Me A Mule To Ride)
CD1-05: Corinna
CD1-06: Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
CD1-07: Take A Giant Step
CD1-08: Six Days On The Road
CD1-09: Country Blues #1
CD1-10: Fishin' Blues
CD1-11: Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Anymo')
CD1-12: You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
CD1-13: Happy To Be Just Like I Am
CD1-14: West Indian Revelation
CD1-15: Texas Woman Blues
CD1-16: Cakewalk Into Town
CD1-17: Frankie & Albert
CD1-18: Railroad Bill
CD2-01: Johnny Too Bad
CD2-02: Slave Driver
CD2-03: (Clara) St. Kitts Woman
CD2-04: When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul
CD2-05: Satisfied 'N' Tickled Too
CD2-06: Love Theme In The Key Of D
CD2-07: Everybody Is Somebody
CD2-08: Crossing
CD2-09: Don't Call Us
CD2-10: Big Legged Mommas Are Back In Style
CD2-11: That's How Strong My Love Is
CD2-12: Here In The Dark
CD2-13: Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes
CD2-14: Señor Blues
CD2-15: The New Hula Blues
CD2-16: Queen Bee
CD2-17: Cruisin'
CD2-18: John Henry




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