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John-Paul Gard:
Pedalboy FM
Label no label
recorded 2006 in Great Britain
online distribution


John-Paul Gard Hammond B-3 organ, vocal
Eddie John drums


Track List
01: Pedalboy FM
02: My Feet, That's The Situation
03: Baseline
04: 1-time Baby
05: Soul Intro
06: The Chicken
07: Traffics
08: I'm never gonna get out of here
09: Blues for J. De.
10: Swan-key
11: Swan-key-fonkey
12: Mr. Funsize Funker
13: File Sharings A Bit Kooky
14: Hiper Hop
15: This Ain't No Hammond
16: Only U Know
17: Too Many Rivers To Cross
18: Reverend Rivers




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