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John Mooney:
Big Ol' Fiya
Label LML Records LML 06428
recorded February 2005 in New Orleans, LA/USA
online distribution


John Mooney guitar, piano, percussion, vocals
Jon Cleary Hammond B-3 organ, piano, bass
Mark Bingham bass
Jeff Sarli bass
Bernard "Bunchy" Johnson drums
Alfred "Uganda" Roberts congas, percussion


Track List
01: 2 Get 2 Heaven
02: Big Ol' Fiya
03: Dig My Way 2 China
04: Louise McGhee
05: Kiss Me
06: Do You Love Me
07: Drink A Little Poison (4 U Die)
08: Been Workin' All Day
09: U Keep Me (Hangin' On)
10: Real Life
11: No 'Bout Me




Sound Samples
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