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Alice Coltrane:
The Impulse Story
Label Impulse! B0006562-02
recorded compilation
online distribution


Alice Coltrane organ, piano, harp, percussion
Ravi Coltrane soprano sax, percussion
Pharoah Sanders soprano sax, tenor sax, flute
Joe Henderson tenor sax
Rashied Ali drums, percussion
string section strings
Ron Carter bass
Jimmy Garrison bass
Charlie Haden bass
Cecil McBee bass
Jack DeJohnette drums
Ben Riley drums, percussion
Majid Shabazz bells, tambourine
Chuck Stewart percussion


Track List
01: The Sun
02: Lovely Sky Boat
03: Jaya Jaya Rama
04: Ptah, The El Daoud
05: Journey In Satchidananda
06: Universal Consciousness
07: Excerpts From The Firebird
08: Translinear Light




Sound Samples
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