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John Lee Hooker:
Label Shout! Factory 826663-10198
recorded compilation
online distribution


John Lee Hooker guitar, vocals
Emilio Castillo tenor sax
Hank Cosby tenor sax
Otis French tenor sax
Johnny Hooks tenor sax
Lenny Pickett tenor sax
Steve Berlin baritone sax
Steve Kupka baritone sax
Mike Terry baritone sax
Tower Of Power Horns percussion
Mic Gillette trombone, trumpet
Greg Adams trumpet
William 'Lefty' Bates guitar
Wayne Bennett guitar
Eddie Burns guitar
Danny Caron guitar
Eric Clapton guitar
Ry Cooder guitar
Anthony Cook guitar, synthesizer
Robert Cray guitar, vocals
Hollywood Fats guitar
Barry Galbraith guitar
Lloyd Gregory guitar
Buddy Guy guitar
John Hammond guitar, harmonica
Warren Haynes slide guitar
David Hidalgo guitar
Roy Hooker guitar
Billy Johnson guitar
Luther Johnson guitar
Jim Kahr guitar
Tim Kaihatsu guitar
Bruce Kaphan guitar
Rich Kirch guitar
Eddie Kirkland guitar
Sammy Lawhorn guitar
Tony McPhee guitar
Steve Miller guitar
Van Morrison guitar, vocals
Mike Osborn guitar
Bonnie Raitt slide guitar, vocals
Walliy Richardson guitar
Roy Rodgers guitar, vocals
Cesar Rosas guitar
Carlos Santana slide guitar, vocals
Johnny Lee Schell guitar
Pops Staples guitar, vocals
Eddie Taylor guitar, bass
Jimmie Vaughn guitar
Larry Veeder guitar, vocals
Henry Vestine guitar, bass
Muddy Waters guitar
Alan Wilson guitar, harmonica
Robert Young guitar
Charles Brown piano
Clifford Coulter keyboards
John Griffith piano
Vernon Harrison piano
Ernie Hayes organ, piano
'Ivy' Joe Hunter piano
Johnnie Johnson piano
Booker T Jones organ, piano
Deacon Jones organ
Lafayette Leake organ, piano
Tom Parker organ, piano
Bill Payne keyboards
Jimmy Pugh keyboards
Boogie Woogie Red piano
John Sanders piano
Memphis Slim piano
Otis Spann piano
Chester Thompson keyboards
Bob Thurman piano
T-Bone Walker piano
James Watkins piano
Dan Zemelman piano
John 'Luke' Logan harmonica
Louis Myers harmonica
Hele Rosenthal harmonica
Mac Arnold bass
Antonio de la Barreda bass
Ollan Christopher Bell bass
Richard Cousins bass
Maurice Cridlin bass
Pete Cruickshank bass
Ruth Davies bass
Willie Dixon bass
Steve Ehrmann bass
William Folwell bass
Jim Guyett bass
Larry Hamilton bass
Sylvester Hickman bass
Milt Hinton bass
James Jamerson bass
Sam Jones bass
Nick Lowe bass
Conrad Lozano bass
Reggie McBride bass
Benny Rietveld bass
Theophilus Roosevelt bass
Gino Skaggs bass
Joe Thomas bass
George Washington bass
Quinn Wilson bass
Fred Below drums
Benny Benjamin drums
Gaylord Birch drums
Victor Bisetti drums
Dave Boorman drums
Bowen Brown drums
Ndugu Chancler drums
Francis Clay drums
Al Duncan drums
Curtis Foster drums
Panama Francis drums
Marlon Green drums
Kevin Hayes drums
Louis Hayes drums
Jump Jackson drums
Jim Keltner drums
S.P. Leary drums
Scott Mathews drums
Everett McCrary drums
Adolfo de la Parra drums
Earl Phillips drums
Bernard Purdie drums
Tim Richards drums
Ken Swank drums
Jimmy Turner drums
Tom Whitehead drums
Kevin Williams drums
Chepito Areas timbales
Randy McBride percussion
Armando Peraza congas
Karl Perazzo timbales
Raul Rekow congas
Zakiya Hooker vocals


Track List
CD1-01: Boogie Chillen'
CD1-02: Sally Mae
CD1-03: Black Man Blues
CD1-04: Hobo Blues
CD1-05: Hoogie Boogie
CD1-06: Weeping Willow Boogie
CD1-07: Crawlin' King Snake
CD1-08: Driftin' From Door To Door
CD1-09: Catfish Blues
CD1-10: Moses Smote The Water
CD1-11: Huckle Up Baby
CD1-12: Wandering Blues
CD1-13: Don't You Remember Me
CD1-14: Notoriety Woman
CD1-15: Let Your Daddy Ride
CD1-16: John L's House Rent Boogie
CD1-17: Bumble Bee Blues
CD1-18: Leave My Wife Alone
CD1-19: Just Me And My Telephone
CD1-20: I'm In The Mood
CD1-21: Blues For Big Town
CD1-22: Stuttering Blues
CD1-23: Down Child
CD1-24: Boogie Rambler
CD1-25: Baby You Ain't No Good
CD1-26: I'm Ready
CD2-01: Dimples
CD2-02: Every Night
CD2-03: I'm So Excited
CD2-04: I Love You Honey
CD2-05: Tupelo Blues
CD2-06: I Need Some Money
CD2-07: Democrat Man
CD2-08: No More Doggin'
CD2-09: Gonna Use My Rod
CD2-10: Whiskey And Wimmen
CD2-11: No Shoes
CD2-12: We're All God's Chillun
CD2-13: I'm Goin' Upstairs
CD2-14: Teachin' The Blues
CD2-15: You Lost A Good Man
CD2-16: Don't Turn Me From Your Door
CD2-17: When My First Wife Quit Me
CD2-18: Boom Boom
CD2-19: She's Mine
CD2-20: Frisco Blues
CD2-21: Birmingham Blues
CD2-22: Big Legs Tight Skirt
CD2-23: It Serves Me Right To Suffer
CD2-24: I'm Losin' You
CD2-25: I Cover The Waterfront
CD3-01: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
CD3-02: Let's Go Out Tonight
CD3-03: Bottle Up And Go
CD3-04: Let's Make It (Live)
CD3-05: King Of The World (Live)
CD3-06: I'm Bad Like Jesse James (Live)
CD3-07: Think Twice Before You Go
CD3-08: Mean Mean Woman
CD3-09: Burning Hell
CD3-10: Peavine
CD3-11: I Got My Eyes On You
CD3-12: Doin' The Shout
CD3-13: Bluebird
CD3-14: Early One Morning
CD3-15: We'll Meet Again
CD3-16: Loving People
CD4-01: Baby Lee
CD4-02: I'm In The Mood
CD4-03: The Healer
CD4-04: Mr. Lucky
CD4-05: I Cover The Waterfront
CD4-06: This Is Hip
CD4-07: Bottle Up And Go
CD4-08: Same Old Blues Again
CD4-09: Boom Boom
CD4-10: Chill Out
CD4-11: Tupelo
CD4-12: Kiddio
CD4-13: Dimples
CD4-14: Don't Look Back
CD4-15: Up And Down
CD4-16: Mean Mean World
CD4-17: Boogie Chillen'




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