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Paolo Negri:
A Bigger Tomorrow
Label Hammond Beat HBR009 (2 CDs)
recorded early 2007 in Italy
online distribution Hammond Beat


Paolo Negri Hammond A102 organ, keyboards
Massimo Paparella Hammond B-3 organ
Nicola Bernardoni drums
Vittorio Solinas drums, pesunas, maracas
Tony "Face" Bacciocchi drums, congas
Mark Claydon congas, bongo
Lucio Calegari guitar
Dave Wilkinson guitar
Simone Modicamore guitar
Doug Roberson guitar
Gerry Germann guitar
Mads Nielsen guitar
Marco Tansini guitar
Steve Burke guitar
Andrea "Gas" Gastaldon tenor sax
Kikko Montefiori tenor sax
Richard Rinn vocals
Cyril Jean flute


Track List
CD1-01: Applecore
CD1-02: Big City
CD1-03: Can't Get Satisfied
CD1-04: Let The Sun Catch You Sleepin'
CD1-05: Mr. & Mrs. Thunderbird
CD1-06: 3 In A Bed
CD1-07: Closer
CD1-08: A Slice Of Funk!
CD1-09: Miss Cherry
CD1-10: Point Of Intersection
CD1-11: Under The Rain, Waiting For You
CD1-12: Orange Peel
CD1-13: Old Grand Dad
CD1-14: Song For My Father
CD1-15: Filtersweeping, Mommy Is Weeping
CD2-01: In The Haze
CD2-02: Talking With Myself
CD2-03: Orange Peel (Alternate Extended Version)
CD2-04: Hope So!
CD2-05: Closer (Instrumental Version)
CD2-06: 3 In A Bed (The Link Quartet Version)
CD2-07: Filtersweeping, Mommy Is Weeping (Moogified Version)
CD2-08: Preacher In The Well
CD2-09: Hidden Behind A Cigarette
CD2-10: A Slice Of Funk! (Gianluca Pighi Remix)
CD2-11: Can't Get Satisfied (Applecore Promo Version)
CD2-12: Under The Rain, Waiting For You (Applecore Promo Version)
CD2-13: Orange Peel (Applecore Promo Version)
CD2-14: Song For My Father (Applecore Promo Version)
CD2-15: Miss Cherry (Applecore Promo Version)




Sound Samples
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