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Kevin Michael:
Kevin Michael
Label Downtown 243580-2
recorded in various locations
online distribution


Kevin Michael vocals
Petter Winnberg horn
Mike Hartnett guitar
Robert Taylor guitar
Junius Bervine keyboards
Keith 'Lil Wonda' Duplessis keyboards
Sedeck Jean keyboards
Leon Pendarvis organ
Antoine Silverman violin
Paul Woodiel violin
Maxim Moston violin
Martha Mooke viola
Garo Yellin cello
Jack Daly bass
Henrik Jonback bass, guitar
Claudette Ortiz vocals


Track List
01: We All Want The Same Thing
02: It Don't Make Any Difference To Me
03: Can't Get Enuff
04: Ha Ha Ha
05: Vicki Secrets
06: Hood Buzzin
07: Ain't Got You
08: Stone Cold Killa
09: Weekend Jumpoff
10: Love Letter
11: Ghost
12: Liquid Lava Love
13: Too Blessed
14: We All Want The Same Thing (Acoustic)
15: It Don't Make Any Difference To Me (Acoustic)




Sound Samples
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