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Will Bernard:
Party Hats
Label Palmetto Records PM 2123
recorded in Berkeley, CA/USA
online distribution


Will Bernard guitar
Cochemea Gastelum alto sax
Peter Apfelbaum tenor sax, melodica, qarqaba
Joe Cohen tenor sax
Adam Theis trombone
Mike Olmos trumpet
Wil Blades Hammond organ
Michael Bluestein Hammond organ, piano
Keith McArthur bass
Ryan "Iron" Newman bass
Jan Jackson drums
Paul Spina drums
Josh Jones percussion


Track List
01: Share The Sea
02: White Elephant Sale
03: Ripple Sole
04: Leo's Cat
05: Party Hats
06: Afro Sheen
07: Chin Up
08: Newbie
09: Folding Green
10: Rattle Trap
11: Penske




Sound Samples
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