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Anne Phillips:
Ballet Time
Label Conawago Records 1013
recorded in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY/USA
online distribution


Anne Phillips vocals
Bob Kindred tenor sax
Scott Robinson baritone sax
John Hart guitar
Adam Asarnow piano
Dave Brubeck piano
Artie Butler Fender Rhodes
Bob Dorough piano, vocals
Dave Frishberg piano
Larry Goldings organ
Roger Kellaway piano
Marian McPartland piano
Matt Perri piano, vocals
Eddie Monteiro accordion
Joe Locke vibes


Track List
01: Ballet Time
02: I Have the Feeling I've Been Here Before
03: I've Got Just About Everything I need
04: Here's To Life
05: In Your Own Sweet Way
06: Doubletalk
07: You Are There
08: Late Late Show
09: In The Days of Our Love
10: I Never Went Away
11: I Was Doing All Right
12: Embraceable Youv 13: Romancing Ketchikan
14: New York Night Time Blues
15: Fried Bananas (vocal)




Sound Samples
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