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Dan Carlin:
Label Rhombus Records 8030
recorded in Fountain Valley, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Irvine, CA/USA
online distribution


Dan Carlin guitar, vocals
Rocco Barbato sax
Larry Hanson guitar, Hammond B-3 organ
Allan Holdsworth guitar
Mark Massey keyboards
Mario Rossi keyboards, vocals
Rob Whitlock Hammond organ, piano, synthesizer
Max Bennett bass, vocals
Vernon Porter bass
John Ferraro drums
John "Hot Fat Reynolds" Ferraro drums
Jimmy Graham steel drums
Richard Bredice tambourine
Oliver Brown percussion
Josh "Lanky" Paul vocals
Amber Whitlock vocals


Track List
01: The Cat's Meow
02: I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Gimme Some)
03: Catnip
04: In Memory Of You
05: Cat Fusion
06: Leopard Walk
07: Goodbye
08: Prowlin'
09: Cat Heaven
10: El Gato Fandango




Sound Samples
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