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Jesse Sykes:
Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls Of The Soul
Label Fargo FA0089
recorded Winter 2006 in Seattle, WA/USA
online distribution


Jesse sykes guitar, vocals
Craig Flory sax
Ben O'Shea trombone
Billy Joe Huel trumpet
Josiah Boothby French horn
Phil Wandscheu guitar, keyboards, vocals
Wayne Horvitz Hammond B-3 organ
Micah Hulscher piano, harmonium
Steve Moore keyboards
Ron Weinstein Hammond organ
Eyvind Kang violin, viola
Anne Marie Ruljancich viola, vocals
Gretchen Yanover cello
Bill Herzog bass, vocals
Eric Eagle drums, percussion
Tucker Martine percussion
Nicolai Dungar vocals
Apple Martine choir


Track List
01: Eisenhower Moon
02: LLL
03: You Might Walk Away
04: The Air Is Thin
05: Spectral Beings
06: How Will We Know?
07: Hard Not To Believe
08: Aftermath
09: Station Grey
10: I Like The Sound
11: Morning, It Comes
12: The Open Halls Of The Soul




Sound Samples
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