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Tony DeSare:
Radio Show
Label Telarc Jazz CD-83689
recorded in New York, NY/USA
online distribution


Tony DeSare vocals, piano, synthesizer
Andy Farber alto sax
Nathan Childers tenor sax
Jay Brandford baritone sax
Wayne Goodman trombone
Glenn Drewes trumpet
Dominick Farinacci trumpet
Richard Padron guitar
Bucky Pizzarelli guitar
Brian Charette Hammond organ
Tedd Firth piano
Mike Lee bass
Brian Czach drums
Jane Monheit vocals


Track List
01: Radio Show Intro
02: Get Happy
03: Hello Friends
04: A Little Bit Closer
05: Spinnin' Stacks O'Wax
06: Bizarre Love Triangle
07: We've All Been There
08: All Or Nothing At All
09: Lazy River
10: Playin' Some Really Heavy Hits
11: Easy Lover
12: To Touch A Woman
13: We Got A Dedication
14: Johnny B Goode
15: We Interrupt This Broadcast
16: The Times They Are A-Changin'
17: The Power Or Music
18: A Stranger's Eyes
19: Hallelujah I Love Her So
20: Don't Forget To Keep Dreamin
21: Dreaming My Life Away
22: Goodnight
23: Prelude
24: Fade To White




Sound Samples
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