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Beppe Crovella:
Soulful Traffic
Label Electromantic Music ARTB 303
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Beppe Crovella guitar, slide guitar, dobro, Hammond A-100 and M-3 organ, Vox organ, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, mellotron, bass
Diego Boroti sax, flute
Aldo Caramellino trombone
Amik Guerra trumpet
Alex Loggia guitar
Dany Martinez guitar
Frank Gambale guitar
Franco Rivagli guitar
Kenwood Denmark drums
Mark Schulman drums
Steve Gadd drums
Steven Wolf drums
Clive Bunker drums
Furio Chirico drums
Giovanni Faga bass
Marco Fenocchio bass
Massimo Camarca bass
Lello Bellarte congas, percussion


Track List
01: Soulful
02: Take The A 100 Train
03: Street Parade
04: Countdown
05: Searchin' For Freedom
06: Swingin' The Walk
07: It's 4 You
08: Hearts
09: After The Night Rain
10: Brand New Dawn
11: Goilden Sand
12: Goin' Back
13: Clive's Shuffle
14: Night Funk
15: Sunset
16: Invisible Dancer
17: Follow That Taxi!
18: Just A Goodbye




Sound Samples
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