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Al Basile:
At Home Next Door
Label Sweetspot Records 9222
recorded January through June 2012
online distribution


Al Basile cornet, vocals
Gordon 'Sax' Beadle horn
Scott Hamilton tenor sax
Doug James baritone horn, tenor horn
Doug Jones baritone horn, tenor horn
Rich Lataille alto horn, tenor horn
Carl Querfurth trombone
Tom West keyboards
Bruce Katz keyboards
Dave Limina organ
Matt McCabe piano
Sugar Ray Norcia harmonica
Jerry Portnoy harmonica
Duke Robillard guitar
Marty Ballou bass
Brad Hallen bass
John Packer bass
Jeff McAllister drums
Marty Richards drums
Mark Teixeira drums


Track List
CD1-01: Go Back Home To The Blues
CD1-02: I Got To Love And Be Loved
CD1-03: Picked To Click
CD1-04: Termites In My Basement
CD1-05: Daddy Got A Problem
CD1-06: Just A Heartache
CD1-07: I Really Miss You
CD1-08: Not The Wrong Woman
CD1-09: Bad Intentions
CD1-10: Annie Get Your Thing On
CD1-11: Too Slow
CD1-12: Housekey Blues
CD1-13: Give It Like You Get It
CD1-14: 80 Bells
CD2-01: Too Much Like Fate
CD2-02: Keep That Heart
CD2-03: Stony Ground
CD2-04: Only Jodie Knows
CD2-05: A Mystery To Me
CD2-06: She Was Sayin' Giddyup (I Was Sayin' Whoa)
CD2-07: It Is What It Is
CD2-08: A Little Too Far
CD2-09: Tryin' To Impress The Girl
CD2-10: Miss Dissatisfied
CD2-11: My Phone's Got A Mind Of Its Own
CD2-12: The Streak
CD2-13: The Closer




Sound Samples
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