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Henry Glover:
The Henry Glover Story Vol. 2 1951-1961
Label Rhythm and Blues Records RANDB021
recorded compilation
online distribution


Henry Glover trumpet
Doc Bagby organ
Bill Doggett organ
Ernie Hayes organ
various artists


Track List
CD1-01: Henry Glover - Mountain Oysters
CD1-02: Bull Moose Jackson - I Want A Bowlegged Woman
CD1-03: Wynonie Harris - I Like My Baby's Pudding
CD1-04: Unknown Artist - No Good Woman Blues
CD1-05: Lucky Millinder - Clap Your Hands
CD1-06: Red Perkins - Hoe Down Boogie
CD1-07: Big John Greer - Let It Roll Again
CD1-08: Dinah Washington - I Love You, Yes I Do
CD1-09: Lucky Millinder - D'Natural Blues
CD1-10: The Delmore Brothers - Blues Stay Away From Me
CD1-11: Todd Rhodes - Pot Likker
CD1-12: Wynonie Harris - Rock Mr Blues
CD1-13: The York BrothersvGravy Train
CD1-14: Sonny Thompson - Nightfall
CD1-15: Henry Glover - Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming
CD1-16: Ella Fitzgerald - I Can't Go On Without You
CD1-17: Tiny Bradshaw - I'm Going To Have Myself A Ball
CD1-18: Sonny Thompson - Blues For The Nightowls
CD1-19: Hawkshaw Hawkins - Back To The Dog House
CD1-20: Roy Brown - Butcher Pete
CD1-21: Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Somebody Done Stole My Cherry
CD1-22: Tiny Bradshaw - Breakin Up The House
CD1-23: Joe Thomas - Page Boy Shuffle
CD1-24: Bull Moose Jackson - Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me
CD1-25: Zeb Turner - Huckleberry Boogie
CD1-26: Sonny Thompson - Sugar Cane
CD1-27: Brewster Avenue Rhythm Boys - Stop And Go Boogie
CD1-28: Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Sittin' On It All The Time
CD1-29: Russell Jacquet - Tropical Fever
CD2-01: Tiny Bradshaw - It Ain't The Meat
CD2-02: Moon Mullican - Well, Oh Well
CD2-03 Pigmeat Peterson - Everybody Loves A Fat Man
CD2-04: Sarah McLawler - Love Sweet Love
CD2-05: Wynonie Harris - Lovin' Machine
CD2-06: Lucky Millinder - I'm Waiting Just For You
CD2-07: Sonny Thompson - Mellow Blues (Pt. 1)
CD2-08: Spirit Of Memphis - The Atomic Telephone
CD2-09: Sarah McLawler - Ready, Willin' And Able
CD2-10: Lula Reed - I'll Drown In My Tears
CD2-11: Tiny Bradshaw - Two Dry Bones On A Pantry Shelf
CD2-12: Lucky Millinder - No One Else Could Be
CD2-13: Todd Rhodes - Your Daddy's Doggin' Around
CD2-14: Todd Rhodes - I Shouldn't Cry But I Do
CD2-15: Bob Newman - Haulin' Freight
CD2-16: Unknown Artist - Good Time Saturday Night
CD2-17: Todd Rhodes - Rocket 69
CD2-18: Unknown Artist - Walking The Chalk Line
CD2-19: The Swallows - Please Baby Please
CD2-20: Wynonie Harris - Keep On Churnin'
CD2-21: Todd Rhodes - Possessed
CD2-22: Jimmy Rushing - Where Were You?
CD2-23: The York Brothers - Tremblin'
CD2-24: Clyde Moody - Blues Came Pouring Down
CD2-25: Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Lonesome Train
CD2-26: Lonnie Johnson - Nobody's Lovin' Me
CD2-27: The Delmore Brothers - I'll Be There
CD2-28: Little Esther - I'll Be There
CD2-29: Lonnie Johnson - Me And My Crazy Self
CD2-30: The York Brothers - Love Sweet Love
CD3-01: Wynonie Harris - Adam, Come And Get Your Rib
CD3-02: Annisteen Allen - My Baby Keeps Rollin'
CD3-03: The Checkers - Don't Stop Dan
CD3-04: Wynonie Harris - Quiet Whiskey
CD3-05: Lula Reed - Waiting To Be Loved By You
CD3-06: Tiny Bradshaw - Lay It On The Line
CD3-07: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Annie Had A Baby
CD3-08: Moon Mullican - I Done It
CD3-09: The Checkers - House With No Windows
CD3-10: Annisteen Allen - Baby I'm Doin' It
CD3-11: Teresa Brewer - Lovin' Machine
CD3-12: Lula Reed - Watch Dog
CD3-13: LaVern Baker - Lost Child
CD3-14: Wynonie Harris - Rot Gut
CD3-15: Tiny Bradshaw - Soft
CD3-16: Lucky Millinder - Heavy Sugar
CD3-17: Sarah McLawler - I Gotta Have You
CD3-18: Stick McGhee - Head Happy With Wine
CD3-19: Lula Reed - Don't Make Me Love You
CD3-20: Wynonie Harris - Don't Know Where To Go
CD3-21: Henry Glover - Soft
CD3-22: Doc Bagby - Grinding
CD3-23: Lula Reed - Without Love
CD3-24: The 5 Royales - I Ain't Getting Caught
CD3-25: Roy Brown - Ain't It A Shame
CD3-26: Champion Jack Dupree - Silent Partner
CD3-27: The Checkers - Ghost Of My Baby
CD3-28: Lula Reed - Caught Me When My Love Was Down
CD3-29: Moon Mullican - Rocket To The Moon
CD3-30: The 5 Royales - Someone Made You For Me
CD3-31: Ray Charles - Drown In My Own Tears
CD4-01: Linda Hopkins - My Loving Baby
CD4-02: Little Willie John - My Nerves
CD4-03: Big John Greer - Come Back, Uncle John
CD4-04: Moon Mullican - Seven Nights To Rock
CD4-05: Johnny Burnette - Blues Stay Away From Me
CD4-06: Bill Doggett - Ram Bunk Shush
CD4-07: Billy Gayles - Let's Call It A Day
CD4-08: Bonnie Lou - One Track Love
CD4-09: Little Willie John - I'm Sticking With You Baby
CD4-10: Teddy Humphries - What Makes You So Tough
CD4-11: Little Willie John - Young Girl
CD4-12: Linda Hopkins - I Can't
CD4-13: Eddie Fontaine - Rock Love
CD4-14: Bill Dogget - Honky Tonk (Pt. 1)
CD4-15: Little Willie John - Love, Life And Money
CD4-16: The Sugar Canes - Sioux Rock
CD4-17: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Teardrops On Your Letter
CD4-18: Moon Mullican - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
CD4-19: Earl 'Connelly' King - Every Whicha Kinda Way
CD4-20: Frank Minion - Watermelon
CD4-21: Titus Turner - Cool Down
CD4-22: Beverly Ann Gibson - Call On Me
CD4-23: Larry Dale - Big Muddy
CD4-24: Bill Doggett - Back Woods
CD4-25: Hank Ballard - Rain Down Tears
CD4-26: Ray Charles - Sticks And Stones
CD4-27: The Vibrations - All My Love Belongs To You
CD4-28: Billy Bland - Let The Little Girl Dance
CD4-29: Joey Dee & The Starliters - Peppermint Twist
CD4-30: Joe Jones - California Sun
CD4-31: Titus Turner - Soulville
CD4-32: Henry Glover - Boarding House Blues




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